May 30, 2024

SOCAR Team became the winner of The Treasure of Petra

The Treasure of Petra - a game inspired by Fort Boyard and the legendary adventure stories like indiana Jones, was held for the first time on April 5-7 in Georgia. Adventures of the contest are filled with historical facts. Throughout the day, teams faced 24 challenges at various locations within the archaeological complex of Petra Fortress. Team members collected artifact fragments, magic stones, and Justinian coins during their journey.

Companies well established on the local market and a team of influencers competed in obtaining a unique treasure and a golden shield.

The victory and the status of the favorite contestant went to SOCAR. This team was composed of 8 exceptionally strong participants, who shared the real story of the treasure found near the Petra Fortress. They had to overcome interesting and difficult obstacles to win the title of the best contestant.

As the triumphant champions of The Treasure of Petra, the SOCAR Team commemorated their victory by planting a ceremonial tree, thus leaving an indelible mark of their company’s presence upon the archaeological complex. At the same time, they gained a replica of one of the artifacts from the unique treasure – a gilded Bunik and SOCAR Team moved to the next stage: an exclusive closed club reserved for favorites.

Nikoloz Rachveli composed music inspired by Georgian motifs for the project. Noteworthy are the characters in the game, including the famous archaeologist Dr. Jones, played by Nikoloz Tsulukidze, who guided the players.

It’s important to mention that all the companies involved in the project gained a memorable experience, which will enhance their corporate activities and make them more effective and engaging.

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