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13.09.09 Opening of gas distribution systems
On September, 12th of current year with working visit to Tbilisi there has arrived the president of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic SOCAR Rovnag Abdullayev.
R.Abdullayev has begun the visit with putting on of a wreath to a bust of the National leader Gaydar Aliyev.
The aim of the visit was solemn opening of gas distribution systems in Dmanisi, Ior Muganlo (Sagaredjo district) and Ninigori(Lagodekhi district)
In Dmanisi (Kartli Gas) was plugged in 400 subscribers. Within 3 years connection of 4 800 subscribers living in the following villages of Dmanisi region is planned: Gomareti (380 subscribers), Kirovisi (126 subscribers), Dagarahlo (165 subscribers), Tnusi (112 subscribers), Zemo Karabulahi (313 subscribers), Lakublo (196 subscribers).
In village Ior Muganlo (SagarejoGas) was plugged in 1 400 subscribers. Connection about 5 000 subscribers living in following villages till the end of the year is planned: Duzagrama (860 subscribers), Lambalo (1 500 subscribers), Tulari (900 subscribers), Kazlari (280 subscribers).
In village Ninigori (LagodekhiGas) was plugged in 350 subscribers.
At opening ceremony there were the Minister of Energetic of Georgia Mr. Alexander Khetaguri, the Governor of Kvemo-Kartli Mr.David Kirkitadze, the Vice-Governor of Kakheti Mr.Petre Kiknadze, Vice-Presidents of SOCAR Mr. Elshad Nasyrov and Mr.Vagif Aliyev, the Director General of "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD Mr. Mahir Mammedov, the Director of "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" LTD David Zubitashvili, the Director of "SOCAR Georgia Gas" LTD Anar Mammadov and etc.

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